How to Turn off Comments on Specific Posts in WordPress

Sometimes a post at your blog gets viral and you get a lot of comments on that post but after sometime you just get tired of comments for the following reasons:

  • People are leaving too many surplus comments and you are tired of approving them and keeping  a track of them so that there may not be any spam.
  • The database size of your website is increasing and the page is getting too much lengthy because of increasing comments.
  • The comments are getting overwhelming and you are unable to reply to them anymore.

So, now it’s the time to turn off the comments feature on that specific post where you don’t want to allow visitors drop a comment. You can do that pretty easily in WordPress. No need to do any sort of additional coding instead that is just a click job to be done in order to turn of the comments feature. However the previously done comments will remain there on the post.

Turn off comments on specific post in WordPress:

1- Go to the dashboard of your WordPress using your username and password. Go to the post section (Here I am supposing that you are turning off comments for a specific post, you can follow same procedure for custom post types and pages as well). Thus, open Posts from the dashboard.

2- Find that specific post for which you want to disable the comments.

3- Edit the post by clicking the edit button and you will be taken to the default composing section of the post i-e where you write a post using the text field.

5- Click on the Screen Options present at the top right corner of the screen. You need to be sure that “Discussion” is ticked in the screen options of that specific post. If the discussion is already ticked then leave that as it was before.

6- When you have the discussion ticked up in the screen options, then you’ll get a screen option of turning on and turning off the comments on a specific post in WordPress. Just scroll down the post editing page and you’ll see something like this:

Turning off and Turning on comments in WordPress

7- To not allow comments on that post any further, just untick the “Allow Comments” and update the post. You are done, there will be no comment form any further present at that WordPress post.