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TSA agents spot ‘Lobster’ weighing 20 pounds in ‘Logan Luggage’ at Boston

Written by Wamiq Ali

We all have read various news on the TSA agents who have caught a number of awkward things. However, this news contains the most awkward and unique thing to be recovered from someone’s luggage. A lobster of weight 20 pounds was spotted in a passenger’s luggage.

In the tweet, a TSA agent is posing with the 20+ pounds lobster. Lobsters can travel in bags and this is a common sight at New England airports. However, this lobster caught attentions of the TSA agents because this was larger than usual.

The TSA agent later reported that the lobster was travelling in a cooler and was alive too. Well, this is a strange coincidence, a large living lobster travelling. This lobster was detected while checking bags at Terminal C. 

Look! How big the lobster is, a strange sight.

The strange thing is the TSA agents posing with the lobster. A lot of people commenting on the posted picture were of the view that TSA isn’t allowed to pose with passenger’s personal property. People also commented that the TSA agent must have gotten a prior permission or else this was totally illegal to pose with a person’s property.

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