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Trump’s UK state visit protested against by Londoners

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President Trump must have been aware of the nature of potential protests, to happen, in London before his state visit to UK. However, daunting as he is, Trump must have ignored the possibilities of people protesting against him. He went for a three day visit to the UK, along with his wife, Lady Melania Trump. The side stories show that Trump faced some protests when he visited the state of UK. The Londoners who seemed to be angry with his policies, did show their agitation in the form of peaceful protests.

On the second day of the Trip, Mr and Mrs Trump visited Downing Streets where they held talks with the outgoing PM Theresa May. In the evening, the couple is going to attend an evening banquet at Winfield House. It’s the London residence of the US ambassador.

Several pictures of the protests against Trump in London have emerged online

It may not sound pleasant to an average American, but dissent can be product too. Trump must be eager to take notice of the dissenting notes of the Londoners and he might attempt to do something about such protests.

The protestors in London can be seen filling a balloon, featuring cartoon version of Trump, with air

As the protests happened, Trump visited the Downing Street and posed for photos outside Number 10 along with his wife, PM Theresa May and her husband Philip May. Ivanka Trump also joined Trump along with the US ambassador to UK.

Protestors gathered around Trafalgar Square, nearby, ready to show their dissent for the Trump’s policies

In a joint-press conference, Theresa May recalled the moment when Trump asked her to sue EU over the Brexit negotiations. Mr. Trump thought about that moment and replied he would have sued EU and might have settled, but Theresa was a good negotiator as compared to him (therefore, she kept on debating for a successful Brexit).

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