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Trump’s declaration of emergency for financing $8 bn border-wall is overly dramatic

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Governance is a thing which most men don’t understand, as in the contemporary world management is the new alternative for governance. People can be managed not governed especially when bureaucrats weigh heavily in the current form of free world governments. Trump recently declared an emergency, as he was warning congress, in order to get the required funds for the Mexico border wall. Trump has pushed America into a new region of nationalist policies. The move of declaring an emergency in order to allocate funds single handedly for sake of bypassing the elected representatives is a bit strange especially for the America which is the kingpin of democracy.

The press secretary of Trump had told media that president had declared emergency using the following press release.

President Trump signs the Declaration for a National Emergency to address the national security and humanitarian crisis at the Southern Border.

This one move of the president would cause a fierce battle between the opponents of the wall and the supporters of the wall. Victor Davis Hanson, a leading American columnist opined that the move was overly dramatic. He suggested that Trump should have followed the example of his predecessor by pulling out funds from various departments to meet the need of funding.

I think that the news cycle is going to go on and it’s not going to be the big cycle drone that everybody thinks. (predicted Hanson)

The Hoover institute called the move as “psycho-dramatic” by saying that the institution was in danger. During his news conference president Trump had admitted that there was not much need for declaring the emergency. He added that this would expedite the process of fund allocation.

What emergency means for the constitution of America?

Its known that the framera of the American constitution made sure that the three pillars of the government don’t intermix. The judiciary, executive and parliament, however this move of Trump single handedly attempts to steer America for allocating the funds. This would be challenged in court and the previous precedents are not present for such a situation, however there are other historic precedents available for international sanctions for emergency declaration. A graphic published by The Washington Post gives details of the emergencies declared in America in the past. This move is more like Trump being a CEO of America Inc.

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