Trump’a hugging American flag at CPAC meeting raised many eyebrows among different ranks

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President Trump is quite well known for his decision making skills and making a quick tangent in different situations. He has performed in different manner as compared to his predecessors when it comes to matter relating to foreign policy. There are many examples in which Trump has preferred to end the treaties made with other foreign elements then to cower down because of their demands. During the annual gathering of Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump did something with the flag which raised many eyebrows. He literally went ahead and hugged the flag.

The CNN reporter, as everyone knows Trump has some special corner for the CNN and that too not in a good sense, chided Trump in an opinion published on the CNN website. She opined that the flag could be hoisted, saluted or folded in honour but hugging the flag was outright wrong. Trump grabbed the flag like it was his prom date and hugged it. SE Cupp chided Trump’s action by opining that flag meant all of the Americans. She wrote that the moment he hugged the flag, her feelings were to say the following lines to Trump, “I beg your pardon, sir! Get your hands off of me!” However, Trump supporters according to her loved every minute of the Trump hugging the flag. According to her, Trump put on a good show for his audience. He criticized every single person which he thought might not be in good books of the crowd.

Trump lambasted Russia during the CPAC speech and called the Mueller probe as baseless and meaningless. Mashable called this one action of Trump hugging the flag as quite creepy. It reported that Trump had approached the flag with arms all open as if he was reconnecting with an old  lover. According to the research of Mashable, it’s stated that there is no prohibition in the US Flag Code which might restrict someone for hugging the flag. However, the good question is if someone needs to hug the flag or not. Mashable reported that this particular gesture came from a guy who criticized NFL players for not respecting the flag. However, Trump himself had said once, “when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

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