Trump Vs Supreme Court? Judiciary to decide the future of undocumented immigrants, as Trump opposes dreamers

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President Trump has ended an act which was promulgated in the era of Obama on purpose to protect thousands of illegal immigrants, normally called as dreamers. Trump ended the law using his executive powers however, the honourable Supreme Court of America has decided to intervene in the matter. The Supreme Court says that it is going to review the decison of Trump to ende the protection of the thousands of illegal immigrants who were given a shelter in the USA under the law made by the Obama administration.

Trump has taken a bold decision and the will of the Supreme Court to put aside his decision for time being kind of creates an environment of Trump Vs Supreme Court. In the past, Trump has issued such executive orders which were later challenged in the Supreme Court. This particular decision can stop the protection of 700,000 dreamers who came to America through illegal channels to find a better living. Trump through his election campaign had asked for the votes of people in a bid to close the entry of America for such immigrants.

The hard line approach of Trump regarding the immigrants is not new, he had in the past asked Mexico to close its borders in order to stop the pilferage of immigrants in the USA. Trump had told Mexico that failure to follow through his requests would mean an open trade war of America against Mexico. Later, Mexico had to listen to the suggestions-cum-orders of Trump.

In the context of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival), Trump has faced a defeat in the lower courts. However, he is hopeful that the Supreme Court would hold his decision. The federal courts in California, New York and Virginia along with Washington DC have blocked Trump from banning the dreamers through an executive order. In Texas, a federal judge said that Trump’s decision was right and DACA was illegal but he refused to allow Trump to ban DACA, he refused to halt DACA. The justices have stayed their proceedings on the matter for the next five months, despite the continuous appeals of the administration to give a verdict till the end of the month; the judiciary in various states has decided to put a stay on the matter.

The experts are claiming that all the hue and cry on DACA is because of the approaching elections.

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