Trump visits ‘Border Wall Prototypes’ & shares the importance of WALL

Written by Wamiq Ali

President Trump has eagerly visited California to have a check on the prototypes of the border wall. President reached there and after having a thorough examination he preferred that the walls must be see-through, either by the use of technology or with some other technique. He even had an interview with the border personal who told President that they set up a scrap metal wall in California state just to stop the illegal immigrants which reduced the flux by 95%.

 The President said that it’s the wall which would actually make this country secure and will be a hindrance against the perpetrators. He further explained the importance of the see-through wall, he said that the smugglers and perpetrators can easily hide if there is no mechanism to see past the wall. That would be paramount to no wall since the perpetrators would have a place to hide in order to launch a consolidated attack.

Trump suggested the full concrete wall that will be hard to climb. He noticed the patched up holes in the existing fence which are often used as a place for smuggling. He suggested that a strong wall offers no holes and that must be the feature of any selected prototype for the new wall.

There are different thoughts regarding the Trump’s Wall, a lot of people are already protesting against such physical changes. He said that if they don’t have a wall system then they are not going to have a country. Congress must fund the border wall and prohibit grants to the sanctuary jurisdictions.

A few hundred protesters met Trump when he later visited a high-dollar fundraiser near Los Angeles. The protestors chanted, “Say it now, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here.

The ABC news has covered the event live on their Facebook page. So, I decided to embed it here for your folks to watch the Trump movement and developments regarding the border wall, the most discussed topic.

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