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Trump surprises New Jersey wedding, as attendees chant ‘USA’

Donald Trump just knows how to keep his followers happy and connected with the politics of the USA. As elections are approaching, Donald Trump would prefer to stay more on the national level using the media. It would be in the favour of his election campaign to keep a check on his fans. In a recent bid to accomplish the aforementioned goal, Donald Trump visited a wedding taking place in New Jersey as the attendees started to chant ‘USA.’

Donald Trump appeared to be in a good mood. After looking at the tall heigh of the groom, Donald Trump said that no body would try to mess with him, a light mood. 

Where’s the groom? Handsome — look at his shoulders, Nobody’s gonna mess with him.

As Trump talked to the family members of the bride and groom, one man approached and shouted, “I’m the father, I’m the father, thank you so much.” The sheer excitement of the old man definitely won the confidence of the Trump in his followers.

The bride told the media that she had sent numerous invitations to the Trump as she wanted him to attend the wedding. She seemed to be pretty happy as her goal was finally accomplished. She was pretty delighted to see the president in her wedding.

The secret service agents were trying their best to keep the visitors at a bay on account of the security of the president. However, the bride and groom were successful in hugging the president.

In the above video, the Trump supporters were keen to chant ‘USA.’ For an American, this was a pretty heart throbbing event filled with patriotism and nationalist sentiments. There were some negative comments on the recent visit of the Trump in a wedding ceremony; however, being such a famous person, it’s inevitable not to get any negativity.

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