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Trump supporters chant ‘Send her back’ as he rebukes far-left ‘squad’ at a campaign rally

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Donald Trump is currently busy in upping the ante against The Squad as he is attempting to prove that his point of view about his tweets was accurate in the America’s interest. The recent tweet controversy is overshadowing everything in the American politics and right-now the media is busy saving or rebuking The Squad. Some circles believe that Trump is steering America into ethnic-politics, whereas, the rest consider that Trump is doing what is obvious. A couple of days back, Trump had made tweets regarding The Squad as he indirectly suggested them to go back to their home countries. Trump had made this suggestion in the backdrop of their campaigning to amend the American outlook of certain circles, regarding its immigrants. Ilhan Omar, as everyone knows, had in the past criticised the American role in supporting the dreams of the Israeli leaders by getting the required money for the political support in the world’s arena of politics.

Trump was obviously irritated with the stance of Squad; therefore, in a condescending and ironic tweet he asked them to leave and correct democracies in their home countries which according to Trump were going through a severe case of political jeopardy.

After the tweets of suggestions happened, since then, Trump is getting criticism. House Speaker along with UK’s Prime Minister, called such a behaviour from the President of America to be unacceptable. Trump had recently quoted Sen. John Kennedy to further rebuke The Squad.

Trump reprimands The Squad in his campaign speech, while crowd supports his sentiments

When Trump criticised Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the other members of the Squad, the supported started to yell “Send her back,” “Send her back,” in a unique show of the American politics and the crowd sentiments. It appeared that Trump had just influences his supporters like some magician. Trump charged Omar with anti-semitism and further claimed that she at various times have denounced certain military operations of the America.

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