Trump suggests Death Penalty for Drug Dealers

Written by Wamiq Ali

Trump Despite his differences with China has learnt a thing from their Governor structure, giving death penalty or life in prison to a person who deals in drugs. Drug dealers kill people destroy families and might deserve a life prison or a death penalty for their misdeeds says the president Trump.
Trump was addressing a gathering in Pennsylvania for the congressional candidate Rick Saccone said that he basically got the idea from the leaders of Singapore and China. According to the Trump the prevalent justice system in the United States is too lenient on the drugs.

“You kill 5,000 people with drugs because you’re smuggling them in and you are making a lot of money and people are dying. And they don’t even put you in jail,” President said. “That’s why we have a problem, folks. I don’t think we should play games.” (Reported by USA Today)

Trump further added that he recently enquired the President of Singapore if they had a drug problem in their country. He said, “We have a zero tolerance policy. That means if we catch a drug dealer, death penalty,” Trump said.

Trump said that he was not sure if the Americans would be fine with such a harsh system of punishment but these drug dealers destroy the families.

“We can’t just keep setting up blue ribbon committees, they do nothing but talk,talk and talk,” said Trump. Trump had already floated a similar idea in the past in which he suggested that very strong penalties must be given to the drug dealers in order to address the burgeoning problem of opioid addiction.

“Some countries have a very, very tough penalty — the ultimate penalty,” President addressed, “And, by the way, they have much less of a drug problem than we do.”

It is a fact worth knowing that last year President Trump had congratulated Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte for doing a great job in curbing down the drugs. According to some news sources Duterte had boosted about personally shooting and killing at least three suspects found to be dealing in drugs.

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