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Trump strong-arms politically turmoiled Venezuela, says sending US troops an option

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Donald Trump is the president of world’s hegemon, America. After the election he has implemented some drastic policies to prove his America First stance. One of the numerous actions which he took to bring back American economy one right track was to cancel aid to international countries. Donald Trump also started a trade war with China in order to escape the thucydides trap which made him worried as China rose to the level of 2nd biggest economy in world, out of no where. Recently, Venezuela faced a political turmoil, Donald Trump took sides in this turmoil and said that sending US troops to Venezuela was an option.

Trump during a CBS Face the Nation program was encountered with a question of America’s role in the crisis of Venezuela. Recently, the sitting Venezuela president had given 72 hours to US diplomats for leaving his country. Trump neglected his motion of declaring US diplomats as persona-non-grata. Trump was asked during the program if sending US troops in this situation to Venezuela was an option, he said, “Well, I don’t want to say that. But certainly, it’s something that’s on the – it’s an option.

Background of Venezuela Crisis and US Stance

The US has accepted the interim president of Venezuela, who is opposition leader Juan Guaido. Since, US has taken side in this situation, therefore, the sitting president Nicolas Maduro is not happy with the US involvement in the country politics. He feels that this is against the sovereignty of Venezuela. Whereas, US believes that it should intervene where democracy is in trouble. Trump had earlier asked Maduro for a meeting or summit, whereas he rejected the notion. Later, Maduro in an interview explained his reason for not accepting a meeting. “I decided at the time ‘no’ because so many really horrible things have been happening in Venezuela.

Maduro posed a serious problem to the democracy. He garnered his power with the help of judiciary and formed National Constituent Assembly dissolving the National Assembly of Venezuela. This new assembly had the power to rewrite constitution, this started protests. The inflation was already at zenith and with the addition of this authoritarian moves, the people came on streets. The Venezuela’s economy was dependant on Oil and its previous president Chavez subsidised things heavily for benefitting the poor and this helped him stay in power, however, in 2014, the oil prices plummeted and things were never same. Maduro when came in power he had to face an economic turmoil. People want Guaido in power to set their country on a better path.

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