Trump rants about windmill noise and says it causes cancer

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Donald Trump just knows how to stay in the news, h is already the famous president of the America and above everything he knows how to talk better and convey the message which it at his heart. Recently he took a stand for sake of the wall in order to keep the immigrants out of the America. He believes that illegal immigrants are a real threat to the economy and they also cause troubles in the America. He might be true in some cases. However, that is a talk of another day. Recently, Trump said in a rant that the noise from windmill causes cancer and it has taken the internet by storm.

President Donald Trump recently supported a controversy which is not supported by many people as he said that windmill noise causes cancer. Windmill had enemies from years, there exist a group of people who claim that the noise from windmill causes nausea and headaches. President with his recent statement had fueled all those controversial theories which were being neglected for the time being. 

Trump was addressing a fundraising event on Tuesday night which was for collecting money for the Republicans. He first used the name of Hillary who supported the wind and later asserted the claim and gave a reason that why he didn’t like her stance.

Hillary wanted to put up wind, Wind. If you—if you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations: your house just went down 75 percent in value. And they say the noise causes cancer. You tell me that one, okay? Rrrr rrrr—you know the thing makes the—it’s so noisy. (said Trump while defying the benefits of wind power)

Trump further added things which were against the wind turbines, like he said that these turbines prove to be a graveyard for the bird. He said that if you love birds then you’d never like to walk under the turbines because one doesn’t want to see the corpses of birds. He added that shooting a bird in California can make someone end up in jail for five years.

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