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Trump quotes Sen. John Kennedy calling ‘The Squad’ Wack jobs and ups the ante to another level

Donald Trump has quoted the Sen. John Kennedy in the matter of Squad, the four congresswomen, whom Trump had earlier targeted. The matter has earned public attention as Trump has decided not to step down his statement regarding the four congresswomen. In the past week, Trump had suggested the four congresswomen to leave the country and go back to their Nancy arranged trip of their home countries, where democracy was in turmoil. Trump had further suggested that the squad was needed in their home countries to make matters better, as America was in no need of their correction measures. Trump re-affirmed his stance by calling Americans the most strong nation.

Just after Trump made the un-named tweet, he started to get attention from media all around the America. Nancy Pelosi rebuked the claims of the president and certain media outlets started to condemn the tweets of the president declaring those tweets as discriminatory in nature.

Since the day Trump made his tweet, he has not given up on his comments

Today, Trump took the matter to another level by quoting Sen. John Kennedy. Trump in a way supported the opinion of the senator regarding the squad. He quoted the senator and hours after tweeting the update, Trump has garnered around 100k likes and 21.8k retweets.

Different followers have different opinions regarding the tweets of the Trump. It’s for the first time in recent times that the American president has used Twitter for such direct personal opinions. In a way, Trump is also endorsing his right of free speech. Trump doesn’t want to curtail his opinion just because he has been selected as a president in 2016.

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