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Trump praises congressman who assaulted reporter and people are worried

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Trump is definitely good at making news. He has been involved in a lot of things being an American President but he never gives up a chance to get them publicised in the mainstream media. Trump just knows how to capture the headlines. The last controversy which surrounded Trump was the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. Things turned more uglier when a woman started pushing allegations against Kavanaugh. However, the controversy ended in the win of Trump after Kavanaugh was selected as Chief Justice of Supreme Court with a thin majority.

A couple of hours ago, many people were confused with the praise of Trump which was directed towards a journalist incident. On Friday, he said that he didn’t regret praising a republican congressman who had earlier slammed a reporter. Trump claimed him to be a great guy. Trump had praised Gianforte for assaulting a reporter. Trump is already not having some good views about the media and news reporting. He believes that the anonymous published in The New York Times was the insider act of the newspaper organisation itself. However, he understands that there can be someone from his administration who may have the audacity to write such an anti-Trump article. Regarding the journalist who was praised by Trump, he said “any guy who can do a body slam … he’s my guy”

Trump shared his remarks at a Montana rally Thursday night. He admitted that he should not have given such remarks but he also iterated that there was nothing to feel embarrassed about. This comment was followed by the Trump’s administration remarks on the Khashoggi’s disappearance. The journalist has not been found after he visited Saudi consulate in Turkey. A couple of hours ago Saudi Arab admitted that he got involved in a row in consulate office. Thus, as a result of the fight he lost his life. Muhammad Bin Salman the crown price of Saudi Arabia has dismissed 5 officers of the consulate office.

Trump’s claim about the congressman of calling him his boy has created quite a lot of controversy in the media. Many people are not ready to accept that these words came from the President. The media is a little angry on the Trump. In the past media was concerned about their freedom.

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