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Trump mocked for hugging US flag – People deemed it as bizarre gesture

Donald Trump has caused quite a lot of stir in recent months. He has undone the most work of Obama in an attempt to show Americans that he is the one who can exercise “America First” policy. The Iran, European Union and Canada are all angry for Trump’s executive orders regarding the repealment of treaties.

In recent move Donald Trump took out America from the United Nations Human Rights Council, just like his fellow republican had dreamed – George W. Bush. Obama made efforts to rejoin the council in 2009 shortly after taking the office. However, Trump is going against the most Obama policies.

Trump hugs US flag which created controversy:

Trump has been mocked for relentlessness hugging American flag in front of the public. Most people deemed the president’s action to be rather bizarre than a decent one. The footage of the incident went viral on the Twitter. The action was performed when Mr. President was talking to Federation of Small Businesses.

Walking on the stage, Trump thought something unique. He decided to walk towards the Stars and Strips with motives of giving it a strong hug. Before he wrapped his arms around the flag, his pre-movements gave a grin to the audience.

In the gathering, Trump talked about his agenda and thoughts about Canada and refugees. He accused Canadians of shoe smuggling. Trump had earlier criticised the Canadian PM after G7 summit failure. Trump during his speech at Federation of Small Business gathering accused Canadians for smuggling American made shoes back into their country because of Canada’s high protectionist tariffs.

After ending his speech, Trump like no one else, stood up and hugged the flag in entire pleasure. People explained their discomfort on Twitter. Mr. Trump hugged what? A flag?

People did not take a second and started criticizing Trump for not caring enough for the etiquettes. Several memes started to float on the Twitter featuring that one hug moment of Trump with the flag. Many started mocking Trump for the bizarre performance amidst a ceremony focused on businesses.

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