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Trump honours his promise to act for the freedom of A$AP Rocky on the call of Kanye West

Donald Trump has once again proved that he is the one who keeps his promises, because the president of the America has contacted the Prime Minister of Sweden in the wake of his promise which he had given to the Kanye West. In a recent tweet, President Donald Trump has made it clear to the world and especially to African Americans that he has contacted the Swedish prime minister on a phone call and personally vouched for a bail to be given to the incarcerated rapper A$AP Rocky.

Welcome to the 21st century in which the president of a sovereign state is very much concerned about the well being of his citizens. A couple of days back, the African-American community was pretty worried about the detainment of their infamous rapper A$AP Rocky in Sweden. The rapper was detained after he got involved in a street brawl. It’s worth mentioning that he had won a Grammy in the past and the brawl took place in downtown Stockholm on June 30. The rapper was instantly taken into the custody of the local police and since then the Americans are attempting to get a bail for him.

Finally President Donald Trump came across the incarceration of the rapper through his own wife. In a series of tweets which the president posted yesterday, he mentioned the request of the Kanye West to look after the case of A$AP Rocky. Further the president admitted that he didn’t know about A$AP Rockey until his wife Melania Trump said that she knew the name.

Trump said that the American teams would be soon getting into negotiations and the possible way out for the detained rapper. The president also shared a timeline of 48 hours as he said that their teams would be talking in the next 48 hours.

In his first tweet, Trump called the PM of the Sweden to be pretty talented as he vouched for the way out for A$AP Rocky. Melania Trump also said that she would be working with the state department to offer her services.

A backstory of the tweets which the president made today regarding this matter of the A$AP Rocky should be read: Trump speaks to Kanye West and shows his will to plan an exit of “A$AP Rocky: the rapper” from a street brawl controversy

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