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Trump hits EU, CANADA and Mexico with Massive Trade Tariffs & Taxes, ‘America First Doctrine’ raises issues!

Trump makes good on yet another campaign promise, he imposed a tax on EU, Canada and Mexico.

The tax has left everyone in shock, 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on tax on aluminium have been set by the United States, this move has received criticism for all the allies.

UK’s International Trade Secretary Liam Fox labelled the move ‘patently absurd’ and said Britain ‘absolutely does not rule out countermeasures.’

The leader of France President Marcon told the US President that his move was ‘illegal’ and the same tone was kept by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel who told the EU would give a response in a ‘firm and proportionate manner.’

Trump has been speaking of these tariffs for a long time, calling them justified because US has been taken advantage of and claimed that steel and aluminium producers are vital to national security and that the US wanted to be ‘fair’ by introducing the measures.

Donald Trump has his own logic, he thinks that this follows the ‘America First’ doctrine. This move no-doubt will be appreciated by his base and portray him as a powerful man. He claims to be doing all of these things to bring American jobs back. He claimed that the trade wars are good but only time will tell.

Fox News’ political analyst tweeted: ‘Maybe all this will lead to successful negotiations, but the Trump administration is playing with fire here as the allies retaliate —> Trump imposes steel and aluminium tariffs on the E.U., Canada and Mexico’

Senator Dianne Feinstein said:‏ ‘The Trump administration is now announcing steel tariffs on our closest trade partners and allies. Almost 25 percent of the steel and aluminium imported in the United States comes through California’s ports, generating more than $4 billion in trade activity.’
The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the tariffs are totally unacceptable and are a turning point in the Canada-US relationship.

Previously Trump had lam China and put it in crosshairs. The protectionist tariffs on China were applied by Trump to stop the trade distortion which it had caused to the entire world. Trump talks about unequal treaties and like Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action normally known as Iran deal, he is not ashamed to put tariffs on EU, Canada, and Mexico.

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