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Trump gushes fury and vitriol, publicly for consecutive two days, directed at Britain’s ambassador for calling him inept

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President Donald Trump has made the world enter into a little nationalistic perspective. He is not immune to criticism for his change in the American policies, a recent Darroch Leaks has exposed the UK’s ambassador to the USA approach regarding the Trump’s personality. In the secret cables sent by the UK’s ambassador to the USA through a private channel, he has mentioned Trump to be inept and less efficient.

The leak has proved to be a bitter thing for both the American and UK side, as it’s a thing which has caused a diplomatic hiatus between the two countries. Trump has grown his haters with the passage of time. The change in the policy of Trump can be attributed to the Thucydides trap. He has to use the nationalist and American First sentiments to offer globalisation a tough competition, as China uses the same globalisation for its economic clout.

Trump calls UK’s ambassador as Wacky and Pompous Fool

On a consecutive second day of vitriols, Trump has called Darroch, UK’s ambassador to the USA, a wacky and pompous fool. 

The wacky Ambassador that the U.K. foisted upon the United States is not someone we are thrilled with, a very stupid guy.

Trump then combined his criticism with another bit headed to Theresa May, resultantly criticising her failure to deliver Brexit. Brexit had been notified by the Parliament after a unanimous approval back on 23rd June 2016. The final date to deliver Brexit was 29th March, 2019. However, failure to get approval of the parliament over the EU Withdrawal Agreement has caused serious trouble to the Theresa May, who is considering to resign quite soon. Trump’s criticism must have touched her heart.

In the leaked documents, Darroch called the policy of the USA towards Iran to be incoherent. Trump made a series of tweets to embarrass both UK and the ambassador which they sent for the USA.

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