Trump ex-lawyer admits lying about Trump to The Congress regarding Russian investment

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Looks like Trump is in a politically bad shape , he had to cancel his meeting at G20 because of the turmoil he was expected to face back home. Michael Cohen as everyone knows the name, told a truth to the special counsel as he pleaded guilty. According to the court documents, Cohen who was a personal lawyer to the Trump, admitted lying three times to the congress regarding Trump’s plan to build Trump Tower in Moscow with his name atop.

Cohen explained some secret details and it was learned that on surface the negotiations to build the tallest building of Europe had ended way back in 2016 but the back channel negotiations were still happening. These continued till the time when President was selected as a Republican Party nominee. BuzzFeed news further reported in this regard that Trump had planned to give $50 million worth penthouse building to the President Vladimir Putin. Americans feel outraged at the moment because of the possible business involvement in the politics.

One might ask, Why does this all matter? Well, this makes the relations between president and Russia into a whole new perspective. Things that were not known before had come to the surface because of the Cohen’s testimony. Cohen further threatens to reveal further sensitive details (or maybe he’s trying to gain some influence, merely). With the existing situation, it feels that Mueller was already aware of these back channel talks. However, since Cohen is in confidence then the cooperation can be wielded into a juggernaut impeachment of Trump. The mid-term elections were already in a turmoil after the lower house was snatched by the Democrats.

If this doesn’t lead to the Trump’s impeachment, still it has a potential to bring down the popularity of Trump. He at various occasions has admitted of having no collusion with Russia. A few days back he even hinted of not meeting up Putin over G20 summit because of the Ukraine issue. However, truth is somewhat different, Trump was definitely in contact with some powerful circles in Russia for sake of getting right kind of money.

Maybe Trump is deluded that what’s good for him can be good for America as well?

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