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Trump defends Golf Playing during hurricane Dorian

It was expected that Trump would give some reply to the London Mayor Sadiq Khan over the invective which Mayor Khan had stated regarding Trump’s game of golf and hurricane Dorian. A couple of days back, Mayor Khan of London had said that Trump must have been busy averting the hurricane out of the golf court. Further, Mayor Khan had also criticised the policies of Trump as he mentioned that most people look towards their leaders for sake of their ideology and he discarded Trump for having no good influence on the followers. He called Trump as a bad influence on common people.

Definitely, Trump was going to send his regards for Mayor Khan, and a couple of hours ago, Trump tweeted to clear the air between him and the Londoner.

Trump was pretty much angry as he replied to the efforts of Mayor Khan to up the ante against him; as Trump called him pretty much incompetent and suggested him to mind his own business. Trump also mentioned Obama while composing a reply and attempted to defend his gold playing during the hurricane Dorian in the best way possible.

Trump suggested the mayor to rather continue his focus on home politics.

Trump was pretty clear that Mayor Khan should stay out of the domestic affairs of United States.

Mayor Khan had issued an earlier invective against Trump because the president of US had cancelled his trip to Poland for the commemoration of the WWII due to hurricane Dorian. Trump wanted to stay home because of the red alert against the hurricane. Mayor Khan didn’t take it quite well and therefore as soon as he realised that Trump was busy playing golf, he took a jibe at the president.

The Poland trip was designed to mark the 80th anniversary of the WWII. Trump was pretty clear that he needed to monitor the hurricane’s movements; therefore, he wouldn’t be available for Poland.

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