Trump claims impeachment would help him get re-elected

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Trump has emerged as a strong leader of the free world. America is entering into a new phase of election for selecting the president by 2020. Every candidate who is running for the president’s seat is attempting to give his fullest. Trump on the other hand is probably looking forward to his impeachment as he believes that impeachment would help him gain more votes for the presidential election. In a recent interview, Trump said that impeachment would help him win 2020 election. Trump hoped that if Democratic lawmakers started impeachment against him then it would help him maintain his position as the president of America.

Meet the Press show featured Trump on NBC and he was given a question if impeachment would prove beneficial or not. Trump replied that impeachment would help him win election with ease. Trump also mentioned that the FBI’s investigation regarding the 2016 election was all baseless and carried out on frivolous claims.

Trump explained that the investigation against his 2016 election campaign was on wrong basis therefore, Mueller probe found nothing. He claimed himself to be innocent and asserted that an impeachment motion would further strengthen his stance as an innocent man.

At moment, Democrats are wondering if the proceedings of Trump’s impeachment is worth starting or not, since they argue that Trump’s campaign management tried to contact Russians various times while he ran for the president. Further, Democrats claim that Trump tries to obstruct the passage of justice by attempting to hamper the investigation of Mueller. However, Democrats are split over this issue as they don’t want to do this in a hurry. 

Robert Mueller had concluded that there was no evident proof that Trump’s campaign managers colluded with Russia to win a majority in America however, it was pretty clear that they used Russians to get certain pieces of information. Meet the Press host asked Trump if he’d like to bring up the issue of election meddling with Putin if he met him at G2- summit, Trump said that he could if the host wanted him to do something of sorts.

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