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Trump claim as best president draws laughter in UN General Assembly Speech

Written by Wamiq Ali

Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly and it seemed like his main agenda was to promote nationalistic and populist policies. One part of Trump speech reneged any promised of multilateralism and declared the used of America First policy. Trump in the recent years has promoted the use of personalized politics. He has taken America out of many multilateral treaties. Putting Iran under stress was one aspect of Trumpism. Meanwhile, Americans are happy because unemployment is at a historic low and GDP is good. Corporate tax-cuts gave a quick boast to American economics.

Trump was addressing to the United Nations General Assembly meeting and he declared himself as a quite accomplished president in entire American history. The self proclamation became a cause of laughter in the meeting. Trump appeared to be quite surprised at that time. Later, he claimed that that part of his speech was meant to make audience laugh.

 Trump claimed that his administration “has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.

Trump has put forward this part of his speech at various occasions. He took a similar stance during the second year of his presidency in the campaign-style rallies. This time it was different as his claim didn’t receive any good response.

“So true,” Trump said and a swift laughter moved in the audience, “Didn’t expect that reaction, but that’s OK,” Trump said in response to the laughter.

Trump has always iterated that his predecessor, Obama always showed weakness on the world stage. In year 2014, Mr Trump had tweeted the following:

After a few hours, Trump re-tweeted the reactions of his advocates who praised his oratory.

Later, Trump in his interviews to journalists told them that he received good response of his speech which he made during the UN Assembly.

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