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Trump can’t block critics off his Twitter account, rules an appeal court

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An appeal court has ruled that President Trump can’t block any critics from his Twitter account. According to New York Times, Trump blocking any critics from his Twitter account is unconstitutional. A federal court rules that since Trump uses his Twitter account for conducting government business; therefore, he can’t exclude people from reading his tweets. The federal court ruled that Trump blocking people was actually against the constitution. This ruling can generate some broader implications that how the First Amendment Applies to the modern times and the social-media era. The government official all around the globe have their own social media accounts, America being a torch bearer of democracy needs to have more balanced laws regarding the social-media and its government officials.

A three judge panel has given its verdict in the United States Court of Appeals. The judge Judge Barrington D. Parker has ruled that the conduct of the government and its official generate a level of passion and intensity the likes of which can only be seen in the modern times. The First Amendment prohibits any office bearer in the USA to exclude an American from an open-debate. 

This debate, as uncomfortable and as unpleasant as it frequently may be, is nonetheless a good thing.

Judge Parker noted that the debate as uncomfortable as it may get, may be nonetheless a good thing. The resolution of the appeal is a reminder to the litigants and the public that if the First Amendment meant anything then the best response to the uncomfortable speech is more speech, not less.

The lawsuit had been filed by Knight First Amendment Institute on the behalf of the disgruntled public which had been blocked by the Trump on the Twitter. The institute asserts that the public Twitter accounts of the government officials is the best place to discuss policy by the public inclusion.

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