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Trump cancels his Denmark visit as Greenland is not for sale

Donald Trump falls no short of creating some gossip news for websites and periodicals, as recently he came across a rather strange stint to cancel his state visit to Denmark, all because he was not given permission to purchase Greenland. Those who don’t know what actually is Greenland and why Trump wanted to purchase it should keep on reading the article.

What actually happened regarding the Greenland’s purchase was that Trump showed some will to purchase that particular island which falls into the jurisdiction or Denmark. The Danish people thought that Trump was making some jokes, but the purchase of Greenland turned into a diplomatic spat. Initially, Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen thought that it was all a non-serious stuff; therefore, he decided to call of the initial offer.

Trump was not ready to take the matter of purchase, really as a joke and it culminated into a Twitter warning from Trump to the PM of Denmark. Trump wrote that since the PM was not interested in selling the island; therefore, he has decided to call off his visit for a couple of weeks.

What we know so far is that Donald Trump has started a diplomatic row over the purchase of some piece of land. In modern times, such a behaviour is totally unknown and expansion of territories is almost impossible.

In a justification Trump said that the reply of the Denmark’s PM in response to his offer was insulting to the entire US. He said that the Danish PM was not talking to Donald Trump, instead he was talking to the US; therefore, it was insulting the way he talked. The Danish PM had called the idea of purchase of Greenland as absurd.

Later, Trump also criticised Denmark for failing to pay some share to the NATO. The leaders at Denmark are still confused if Trump was joking or in reality he was serious about the purchase.

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