Trump body shames his supporter taking him a detractor, who says ‘I love Trump’

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If you support someone then offer him support by whole heart and mind. Something similar was visible in a supporter of Trump, a couple of days back. A counterpunch launched by Trump landed on a wrong guy, whom president thought a detractor as he turned out to be a supporter.

Thursday night in Manchester, Trump was attending his campaign rally when he came across a guy and he publicly ridiculed him because of an increased body weight. The president though he was a protestor; therefore, he gave negative comments regarding his weight in open public without giving it a second thought. The man who got ridiculed was a supporter of Trump who was attempting to clear off the protestors.

The comment was passed by the president in the midway of the 90-minute speech, at that point Trump had to stop because of the disruption caused by the protestors. President looked towards the seats where disturbance was happening. There he witnessed a guy wearing a ‘Trump 2020 campaign shirt,’ the president was quick to pass on a comment that the guy should have cared for his increasing weight. He said, ‘that guy’s got a serious weight problem! Go home. Start exercising.’ Later, Trump moved back to his speech and started saying that his campaign was all about love.

Trump aides quickly realised the problem and tracked down Frank Dawson, the guy who got ridiculed by the president. Later, Mr. Trump left a message for the Mr. Dawson but didn’t apologize for the insult. The president said that he didn’t mean to refer him. Further, he thanked for his support.

Fox news approached Mr. Dawson, who said, “I think he thought I was part of it, but I wasn’t, Everything’s good. I love the guy. He’s the best thing that ever happened to this country.” Mr Trump in the rally also mentioned his struggles with weight gain. A video has been shared by the New York Times which shows Trump passing comments about the guy.

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