Trump backs away from his ‘national emergency’ declaration to strong-arm congress

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Trump is sailing through rough waters, this statement would have been relevant a couple of days back. Trump even went onward to pass a statement of pressing national emergency in order to get the control back from congress. However, like most statements of Trump he backed off from this statement as well. Trump is more for the America First policy and he believes to implement this policy in letter and spirit he needs to take the rudder in his hand. However, congress is a bit skeptical. Trump wants to build steel wall around America for stopping the illegal immigrants. According to him these immigrants and border crossings are a cause of violence and loss of job opportunities for Americans.

On 21st day of the government shutdown, Trump backs away from his national emergency statement

No matter how strong a leader is, he has to bow down before democracy. Congress is democracy as it presses the opinion of the common public. The same public which votes in order to get their favourite candidate on the presidential seat. On the 21at day of the government shutdown, Trump decided to back away from his statement of declaring national emergency in order to bypass Congress for allocating the required budget for the wall construction. The last week by the president was spent suggesting the leaders that he would make a move of implementing national emergency. Trump presided over a meeting on Friday and said:

What we’re not looking to do right now is national emergency. (Trump said)

Democrats have said that they were not going to fund the wall, no matter what is the situation. They believe that the wall would cost $5.7 bn and this would better be spent on the other border measures instead of a wall. The video in which Trump ditched the plan of emergency has been shared by The White House.

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