Trump averaged 15 falsehoods a day in 2018

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A study and analysis was published by The Washington Post which claimed that Trump, the President of United States of America, average around 15 falsehoods a day. The analysis claimed that Trump made thousands of false statements last year. The analysis even summed up the rate at which Trump distributed these false statements all around the year. In the beginning of the year, the study claimed, Trump made 1,989 false statements. Later the year, the president tripled this rate of giving false statements. This means that he was three times more involved in making false statements.

A poll run by The Post found that merely three out of 10 Americans believed in the false statements released by Trump. Well, it’s quite a commonly known fact that a leader needs to be witty and competent. Trump made into the news when he won the election. Later his popularity chart saw an upheaval because he was being linked with Russia. The secret agencies claimed that Russia used quite a lot of money to make Trump win the election. Trump is known to be carried away by whims, his Twitter diplomacy can be the one reason of this high rate of false statements. Twitter is something which offers a personal platform for non-personal usage and statement dissemination. Trump has used quite a lot of Twitter diplomacy, since it bypasses the security establishment and other contenders related to the matter, thus this might have served as a deterrent for the actual implementation of the Twitter statements made by Trump.

The news sources claim that Trump has often used Twitter to spread certain unusual facts about Hillary Clinton, Iran and The New York Times. Trump had not been much friendly with the media and Hillary Clinton. The article which got published against Trump in The New York Times made Trump quite angry about the claims. The Fact Checker Database calculated the veracity of the statements made by Trump. It found that Trump said 15 false statements per day. Now, these statements can be of any category, these might be for saving the interests of America or for securing the larger scale game. These statements earned a major chunk by the information disseminated for 2017 tax law and the construction of wall along border.

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