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Trump: America would never be a socialist country – as president promises to battle socialist presidency candidates

Written by Logical Men

Donald Trump was given a mic to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which had happened last weekend. In that conference while speaking to the guests on the dice, Trump said that America would never be a socialist country. This one particular line of Trump wooed his followers because they hope that president would fight with those candidates who want to bring America towards a socialist regime. The media was particular to focus on the Bernie Sanders when Trump said that he would never allow America to become a socialist country. These ideas have also become mainstream in the new Democratic party.

In recent times, Democrats were often found quoting things like medicare for all which means that their government once coming into the power would make everyone enter into the national medicare program. This means that everyone would be given a chance into the government-run healthcare program. Trump also revealed at CPAC that more than 100 Democrats signed up for a socialist sort of medicare program. Well, for those who like the current healthcare plan, the democrats aren’t willing to keep it afloat forever.

The liberal Urban Institute had found that the ambitious plan of Sanders would be pretty expensive on the tax money. According to them, Sanders plan would cost around $32 trillion over the period of 10 years. The national debt accumulated stands at $22 trillion, as reported by The Hill. Those Americans who feel like having a health-care plan run by the government would mean prosperity, would be proven wrong when they would have to pay more taxes. The debt would also be passed on to the future generations.

The other thing which president made fun of was Green New Deal which according to the president was a fun new term, which meant nothing. This term was introduced by the Democratic socialist elements for sake of their upcoming presidential campaign. He said that this new deal would harm the American interests of oil, natural gas and coal.

There were other things which Trump discussed during his speech, overall he looked against the Socialist Idea. What do you suggest?

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