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“Triple Barrel Shotgun” is more like a nightmare, watch it in action now!

Written by Wamiq Ali

The Chiappa triple threat exists and it’s a triple barrel shotgun. It has quite a good capacity to produce harm and hit the target right at the desired spot. We all know what a single barrel shotgun can do, not triple that same exact thing and imagine the Chiappa’s triple barrel shotgun capabilities.

Chiappa Firearms

The side view of this shotgun quite makes it clear the placement of the three barrels. The placement is done in a triangular manner. The one barrel being at the top of the two barrels stack in a triangular or pyramid fashion.

The shotgun has a manual feeding system, and as the most shotguns are designed you need to open the barrel and put the projectiles on your own, three at each time. The barrel has a length of 18.5 inches, which is pretty good in case of a triple barrel.

There is a single trigger system. The gun is made of steel and costs around $1955. The video where BigDaddyHoggman1911 tests this triple barrel shotgun shows that it is quite fast. In the video, they shot dummy targets and also a melon. The melon got totally burst into pieces as if it got shot by a cannon.

You can watch the video demonstrating this triple barrel gun. It’s a production of a Youtube channel as I had already mentioned. The credits goes to  BigDaddyHoggman1911 youtube channel.

This is a 12 gauge shotgun. The shooting video makes it clear that it isn’t shooting all the projectiles simultaneously but rather it goes on a strike of three shots. The order of the shots is yet unclear but it’s a good addition to a traditional shot gun.

Single Mechanical Safety switch

It has a single mechanical safety switch which can be slid one way to turn on the safety or to turn off it the other way around.

Triple barrel

The barrel is ready to be loaded with the projectiles which would be shot later in the video. We think that it’s a pretty good equipment for the instant couple of fires.


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