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Trap house gets raided while dealer is showing off all his drug money on Facebook live. Jacksonville, FL.

Written by Wamiq Ali

A drug dealer got busted in his house for showing off money. This happened in Jacksonville, Northeastern Florida, while this guy was filming himself live and streaming it on Facebook, the authorities came to his house and busted him.

The guy was boosting off his money and was repeatedly saying in the video “this shit never ends”, he kept on counting the money in the video and also got back into some other room to get some more money. But there was some bad luck following the guy, he got out of the room again but this time authorities took control of the whole scene. Some windows are being broken outside the room, the sound can be heard clearly in the video, while authorities shouting at the man and he again speaking some stupid stuff.

The whole video earned some mixed expressions, some people take this hilariously while other think that the guy isn’t capable of selling drugs. They left comments on Reddit taking him as a complete idiot.

The point in this video is some strange accent of the drug dealer and also his stupid action of streaming drug money online on Facebook. Today, in this small world, tracking someone down isn’t a big issue for the authorities. They get into your internet connection, locate you down and then find you physically. Now you coming online with your whole face on Facebook and still not hoping to be getting caught is something debatable. You watch this video and decide yourself:

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