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Transwoman gets beat up after punching a guy in face during a protest

Written by Wamiq Ali

A transwoman got beaten up by a guy whom she provoked and punched in the face during a protest. The whole movement was about Anti-fascism which is to resist fascist ideologies, groups and individuals. An anti-fascist is the one who considers himself to be rebelling against the establishment and political powers.

This video features MARCH AGAINST WHITE NATIONALISM by Oregon students. Antifa member didn’t want the guy to take part in the march. She started abusing the guy eventually and also provoking him to do something horrible. She also told him that it’s better for him to leave or the consequences would be harsh. There was a teenage boy in between who tried his best to block video footage through a flag. Every time the video recorder tried to get a clear view, that teenage guy with flag came in between.

Eventually, Antifa got so angry that she punched on the guy face. In return, the guy attacked her violently and people at the spot at once tried their best to defend the Antifa. The attack was sudden and she couldn’t expect something like this to happen to her as she was surely over anticipating her power and strength.

Teenager blocking camera with flag

Teenager with flag yelling at the dude kicking the trans-Antifa

Luckily the first video released had the teenager blocking the camera with a flag. But soon after that YouTuber uploaded a body cam video which showed what exactly had happened that day at the March. I guess nobody at the March had an idea that the guy also wore a body cam. You can watch the initially released video below:

Then after some time, a new video surfaced online which was made using a body cam which the guy beating the trans-Antifa, in the end, was wearing. I don’t know who was right at the point and I’ll leave that argument over to the audience.

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