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Plus-size Transgender model shares the verbal ABUSE she receives when guys know she’s shemale

Written by Wamiq Ali

Equal rights are something which must be a social priority for any individual being a part of the community. Hypocrisy is a strange truth and a lot of people practice is unknowing. Once someone starts to care about his public image and character then he starts to hide his true nature.

When it comes to model Shay Neary, a plus-size transgender model, she isn’t a hypocrite. This model opens up online and shares the amount of verbal abuse which she receives when guys come to know about her sex. Model Shay Neary, 29-year-old, made her first debut into modelling during her first year as a freshman in the college. It was the time when she had started to transition.

Shay Neary poses after a workout session

She advocates for self-love and self-acceptance but isn’t quite successful in online dating. She says that men don’t like her once she reveals her gender. She started dating during her freshman year in the College using Craigslist. Neary doesn’t make the first move while using a dating app, mostly men come to her and once she starts revealing about herself, they don’t feel much interested.

When someone rejects Neary just after knowing more about her gender, she thinks that her gender is being declined. She is also criticised by some people for openly advocating for the rights of transgenders. Since more plus sized models are being accepted in the industry, she lives in New York and does modelling to earn a living. Neary was born in Philadelphia and after that, she moved to New York for better opportunities.

She regularly shares the screenshots of her online encounters. She doesn’t do so as far as the people remain respectful to her but in case anyone does some verbal abuse she doesn’t hesitate to share it on her social media accounts.

She was shocked when someone called her a freak show due to her gender

This guy took her as a freak show, obviously, this is a twisted mentality and something which can only be omitted by more education and decency.

Someone thought that she isn’t well

She says that she’s willing to share herself with people, if they aren’t ok with her undergoing a transition, that’s fine. If they want to know her at a deeper level, again that is fine. Neary grew up in a small town and at first, her only choice for online dating was OKCupid and Craigslist.

Later she even tried Plenty Of Fish but due to her gender, her account got suspended. A similar complaint by other users echoed time to time. After her bad experience in online dating, she even has added clear information on her online dating profile that she’s trans. She even asks people that if they know about her gender, which sometimes takes the abusive turn.

When someone said that it’s creepy

This dude seriously needs some education

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