Traits of creative people that ordinary people lack

Creativity cannot be learned or studied, rather it is acquired. I may be good in cooking and developing taste, but I may not be good in the presentation of food/dishes. Creativity is all about out of the box thinking and thinks different. Creative people are observant, keep track of their surroundings and have an ability to put their thoughts into words.

What creative people do which others don’t?


Creative people do things differently as compared to other people. They think differently, act differently, view differently and plan differently. Some people call them nerds, other complex and still other the problem makers. Yes these are their traits and they are happy the way they are known as long as their creativity is appreciated and acknowledged by all

Characteristics of Creative People:

  • See endless Opportunities: For creative people, the world is full of endless opportunities. They don’t believe in ad hoc routines rather they are thinking new every day and accept challenges with open arms. They are not stagnant; rather they allow their minds to get stationary in their thoughts processes. They see immense opportunities lying ahead. The word “impossible” is not in their dictionary as they believe in making impossible, possible.
  • Creative people are Smarter; Not loner: some people are of the view that creative people are loners and mostly introverts, they don’t interact with others, nor they make friends, rather they are lost in their own thoughts all day long. On the other hand, I call such people genius; they are always looking for opportunities to work on. Though they are introverts, but they are not loners. They are smart workers.
  • Never underestimate them: creative people never underestimate their capabilities and abilities. They are ready to accept challenges in whatever way it comes to them.
  • Always welcome question: curiosity is in the blood of creative people and they never stop questioning. It is due to this habit of them, they are always exploring nature and very observant of their surroundings. At times people do get annoyed of their questioning habit but nothing can stop creative people from finding more.
  • First act, then Think: another characteristic of creative people is they act first and then think. I take this habit good as well as bad. It is good because it shows the proactive nature of such people, and it is bad because at time creative people have to face the music and counter repercussions of their actions.
  • Smart worker: I don’t mean to say that ordinary people are not good worker, but creative people are smart workers. They never leave todays work on tomorrow, rather they believe in doing the best and completing their work before time and thus utilizing free time in doing some other work.
  • Always say “Yes”: creative people always welcome new ideas, new work and challenging tasks. They think positive and are willing to work on different project each day. They truly understand the meaning of change as they welcome change and embrace any new work coming their way.
  • Follow strictly work ethics: the work ethics are strongly followed by creative people. As compared to other employees, they have strong values, norms and work ethics. They are loyal, devoted and committed to their tasks and it is because of this habit that they go extra mile to gain more knowledge and make it perfect.

Creative people have messy minds, but that is actually beautiful mind. Such people enjoy their lives, they live free, and they are not bound by worldly constraints or formalities. It doesn’t matter to them what people talk about them as long as they are performing their tasks perfectly. The concept of self- satisfaction is also more in such people. They believe in internal satisfaction and do everything to satisfy them.

Encourage Creativity & Creative people:

The need of an hour is to encourage creative people. This notion is true especially in case of kids. Children must be allowed to experiment and gain from their personal experience. Kids are very curious and they want to explore the world to let go of their curiosity. We must provide them with the opportunities to look for new things to broaden their horizon. Parents need to create such environment which foster creativity, innovation, and out of the box thinking. If kids are stopped, scold and never allow to live their way; the creativity within them dies, and they are unable to build their personality and gain confidence.

People call them messy, they are absurd, they are tricky, confused, arrogant, and lonely; but they are awesome. Learn to appreciate creative people and their creativity. Their contribution in their lives and for the world must be appreciated and applauded. In this world of today, creativity is going to be the norm sooner or later, so be creative and add your name in the list of most creative people of all ages.