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Trade Tariffs Ignore Clothing Industry – Including Ivanka Trump’s Chinese Made Products

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Massive conflict of interest as Donald Trump spares Ivanka’s clothing business from being affected in New tariff plan.

United States President introduced tariffs Friday morning on thirty-four billion dollars worth of goods manufactured in China, which made an impact on hundreds of products. But strangely enough, the clothing industry was excluded from the tariffs, which means Ivanka Trump’s good that are manufactured in China will not be affected.

While Trump bashes Harley-Davidson motorcycles for shifting some production to Europe to evade EU tariffs, Ivanka Trump has never manufactured even a single good on American Soil.

As of now, apparently Chengdu Kameido Shoes in Sichuan province can keep on supplying shoes for the Ivanka Trump brand just like it was doing from a long time ago. It is looking to sign a new contract to produce 140,000 pairs of shoes for Trump’s company, according to a report.

Until January 2017 all of Ivanka Trump’s products were manufactured in factories in China and Hong Kong. After that, some manufacturing has been shifted to other overseas factories in Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam.

The shipments from China have seen a down fall but this might be due to the use of code names.

Businesses in the states have already started to feel the affects of the trade war. China’s reply to the U.S. tariffs have targeted U.S. seafood, soybeans, dairy products, cars, apples, whiskey, pet food and cigarettes, among several other products. Which left people in agricultural industry in a huge worry.

Soybeans are the top agriculture export for the United States, and China is the top market for purchasing those exports,” Iowa soybean grower John Heisdorffer told a media outlet. “The math is simple. You tax soybean exports at 25 percent, and you have serious damage to U.S. farmers.

Trumps keep on yelling America first but most of the family business of the trumps is outside America.

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