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Toyota makes cloaking device which makes car pillars transparent, no more blind spots in car

Toyota takes the development of cars to a totally new level by introducing a new device. Toyota recently patents something quite vital for the drivers. A new device has been made for the upcoming generation of cars which serves as a cloaking apparatus. The device ensures no blind spots for the driver. The pillars of the car holding the windscreen sometimes serve as a great hindrance in vision. We call it a blind spot in the car, something which doesn’t allow the things to be seen outside the car.

Thanks to Toyota, a new cloaking device has been patented which allows being seen around the pillars. Toyota has figured to bypass those big pillars to make driving vision better than before. This device is more like a method to make an object look transparent. It doesn’t involve any cameras or magic instead it simply uses mirrors to bypass the light at such an angle that the pillars appear transparent.

Cleverly placed mirrors bend the light at such an angle that this mechanism makes the object appear transparent. What Toyota just patented will make parts of the car appear transparent. No matter what part it is, the device is just going to make it appear transparent.

Not to forget it as the cheapest method rather than adding cameras and other heavy technology. Creating such technology takes cost and it also puts the burden on the buyer. The patent was filed with U.S. patent department by the North American Toyota division. The technology will be used first in the U.S. and then after successful tests will be rolled out in the whole world, slowly.

If you are well known with the physics of light and reflection then you can get Toyota patent details. If this device rolls out publicly then this will be a great addition to the car safety and market.

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