Top ten answers on ‘Why Should We Hire You?

Written by Jawaria

One of the most dangerous and feared question for the job or any other interviews is that “why should we hire you”? There is no specific answer to that question. But this question needs to be tackle very smartly and it is very critical criteria in your selection. You need to impress the interviewer by answering this question to secure a good chance of selection If you have answered that question in a good and defendable manner then you would be definitely through your interviews. Here we are going to tell you the top ten answer to this question “why should we hire you”.

1- Refer to job description:

If you are going for an interview for a certain job make sure that you know about the required criteria and meeting it. During the interview if the interviewer ask you the question that why should we hire you, you can refer to the job description and you can tell them that they have placed the ad about their job and you are meeting the required criteria and you would be suitable candidate for their job.

2- Focus on what you can do for company:

This question is the most feared one but also it does provide you with the opportunity to explain yourself toward the benefits of the company. Try to explain that what you can do for the company and how you can be a solution to them. Try not to put emphasis on asking that what the company is going to do for you. Try to show your passion for the job by telling them that you really want to do this job more than anything in the world and try to convince them to believe your statement.

3- Try not to relate yourself to others:

One of the most common mistake that most of the candidate do on this question that why should we hire you is that they starts to compare themselves with the other candidates. They starts to tell the interviewer that they are better than the other candidate in many aspects. This create a very negative impact on your interview. Also you don’t know the strength and weaknesses of your fellow applicants. Blaming others is a very easy but proving yourself is the difficult task. Try to prove yourself rather than demoralizing others.

4- Avoid clichéd language:

If you are being asked that why should we hire you during an interview you should not respond them by saying that you are a very hard worker or you can perform very well  or you are a very good team player. These are some of the obvious answer that anyone can give.  Try to give them solid reasons. Try to put emphasis on your real achievements rather than these traits which don’t have any weightage in the eye of interviewer. Try to be innovative in your answers. Explain your achievements and projects in such a way that they look like a milestone.

5- Having experience:

If you have worked in the similar field or organization previously than you do have a very great answer in your sleeves. If the interviewer ask you why should we hire you, you can explain your answer by saying that you do have very much experience in the similar field and combining that knowledge with that past experience is going to help me a lot if you give me a chance to prove myself.

6- Provide evidence to your answer:

Answering this question in such a way that you should have proof of everything what you are saying for example if you are explaining your achievements then you should be able to defend them.

There are some other one liner answers to this question which can be proved very effective in some situations

7- Have confidence in you:

If you are asked a question that why should we hire you than you should be replying them by saying “I am very hardworking and passionate about my job and you won’t be disappointed on your decision to hire me”.

8- Best option for company:

You can reply the interviewer by saying that I am hardworking and flexible person which makes me suitable for your required criteria. Try to convince them you are the right kind of person they are looking for.

9- Because you are unique:

Try to convince them that you are one of a kind and unique in your own way. Try not to demoralize others but try to prove yourself to be a unique person and explain them what makes you unique.

10- Sell yourself:

If you are asked that why should we hire you then it is a time for you to sell yourself to the recruiter and make him believe that you are the only option for him because you are passionate about the job.

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