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Top software to help you surf internet with freedom on blocked college internet

Happiness is when you get the internet access anywhere but then later you come to know that the internet provided is full of the restrictions and you can’t even surf your favourite sites. Like in most of the colleges the proxy is enabled to access the internet which serves as a gateway between you and the internet, thus filtering your every request to the internet and helping the admin keep an eye on you, and same goes with the other type of filtrations and bans on the internet where your internet provider has actually restricted you to access a site. On such occasions where you can’t access the internet freely these type of free software come into use like the free VPN and free proxies, which often if used as a pro user help you get security also. You can even use such software to access the torrent websites, but I will never cover that thing because here at the talk of web I have always covered the right thing which has never broken any sort of the ethical limits.

Here is the list of software which you can use over the college, work or at the university to access the restricted websites over your network or you can say internet.

1- Hotspot Shield:

This is a really reliable source to help you get out of the restrictions being put on the internet provided to you. This is  a one click install package and you don’t need to be a technically aware guy to use this useful piece of software. Just install it, run it and active it and you whole internet traffic will start to route through this software which will help you open blocked sites easily.

hotspot shield

You can get a pro version of the hotspot shield but the free version works fine but there is an addition of the advertisements in the free version which start to load at the top of the page of any site which you open in your browser. However the professional version is free of the advertisements. Hotspot is available for the android also!

Download Hotspot Shield

2- Spotflux is another free VPN to use:

Just like the hotspot there is another free VPN which is Spotflux. It is again same like the hotspot but sometimes it takes a while to connect, however after getting connected it works just fine. I am not a regular user of the spotflux but I have heard good about this VPN from the community. This is same like hotspot and is one click install package and after getting it installed you can run the software by one click. After activating it all of your internet traffic will start to route through the spotflux giving you access to the blocked sites.


Good thing is that spotflux is available for both windows, macs and even android. Just same at the hotspot is, so in any bad cases the hotspot doesn’t work well you can always go for the spotflux.

Download Spotflux

3- Your Freedom

Your freedom is another free software which you can use to access any sort of restricted websites over your internet connection. A good thing about your freedom is that you can always use your college proxy with it, like after you install it you can give the proxy being used in your college to the software when you first time run it, and the software your freedom is going to route all the traffic through you proxy but at the same time giving you access to the blocked website. The above two software will not work over your college proxy, they will work only if you have direct access to the internet.

Your Freedom

Your Freedom has a good performance but if you are a free user then it will keep on disconnecting because of the limits which it places on the free users. Thus getting a premium account of the your freedom is worth giving a try, if you college or the work places offers you a proxy to access the internet.

After setting it up, you can always use it as a proxy. Like point your browser to the localhost and give the port of the your freedom’s socks5 proxy. And you whole traffic will start to route through the your freedom’s servers.

Download Your Freedom

4- Tor – The ultimate solution to access the banned web

TorTor is a really good solution and where nothing works, tor always works and gives you access to the torrents and blocked websites by your internet providers. You can get a portable version of the tor also. The good thing is that it also works with the college or work proxy, you can give the proxy ip and the port to the tor and then it will help you access banned websites through the proxy. Like the your freedom it also set-ups a proxy over the localhost ( and most commonly uses port 9051 for it, its a socks 5 proxy. So that you can use it right in your system or the browser. Tor also offers a portable browser bundle so that you may take it in the usb and can use it where ever you may like to use it on the go without the risk of getting hacked or anything like that…

Download Tor