Top Reasons: Why Windows 8 is better than Windows 7?

Microsoft has recently released it’s new Windows version called as Windows 8. Surely it’s a general trend that most of updates are always better than the previous versions. So, is the case with Windows 7 and it’s successor Windows 8. Being a computer enthusiast I was very first to get a legal copy of Windows 8 to try it out over my ultra-book. Seriously it was more better, more fast and somehow I can say that it was more stable than Windows 7 but lacked in many aspects also as you can see that I used the word somehow stable, because without tweaks windows 8 in the very beginning teased me a lot. But I will say this problem as my hardware specific since my ultra-book wasn’t much ready for a windows 8 upgrade. The machine was capable to handle the massive upgrade but the Windows wasn’t well tweaked for it. Well, leave it for now, I’ll try to talk at general level to let you know that what I got in this Windows 8.

Meet Windows 8

Faster then the Predecessor i-e Windows 7:

Windows 8 proved to me a lot faster than the windows 7. It’s infrastructure is built on something really solid and since it’s arm version is also tablet ready so I guess what they focused is the speeds on a better hardware and the hard thing is this that you are unable to force install this release on a hardware which often we think can support windows 8. I remember when I tried to install windows 8 on a PC which has a single core Pentium 4 processor, unlike windows seven, windows 8 crashed at the very first boot up but at the same time by ultra-book was booting much faster and much smoothly.

Less Boot time then Windows 7:

Boot time of windows eight is damn fast because it keeps a cache copy of your past shutdown session and makes you able to see your next login welcome screen in a matter of seconds. However when you restart the system then this cache copy isn’t kept and the bios boot options aren’t skipped. I remember when I kept on shutting down my laptop to get the boot keys or boot options and finally I restarted my laptop accidentally which showed me the boot options finally. Funny isn’t it? but now you know the secret too.

Windows 8 is More Eye Catchy with less clutter than Windows 7:

Windows 8 is surely more eye catchy than windows 7 which offers a faster access to any desired operation. You don’t have a start menu now. Grab a touch screen and play with the tiles like most of the windows phones have but if you don’t have a touch screen then it’s again perfect, at your keyboard push the windows button or take the mouse to the bottom left part of the screen and here you go to the tiles.

Windows 8 Start ScreenApplications from the Windows Store are now installable on Windows 8:

Yes, you can install the amazing games, the amazing Skype application (which I didn’t like), calender, weather widget etc etc. As you can see that the start menu is going to show you the windows store. After you have installed the applications you can easily launch them from the start menu. You can easily arrange the applications in the groups like games, productivity etc.

Windows 8 is Cloud sharing Enabled – Makes cross device sharing easy:

You can easily share your documents, your music, your photos with this cloud share service from the Microsoft. If you are a business person and take the documents on the go then this service will be much useful to you. You can easily view your saved content from any device with this cloud share service. Skydrive just works like Dropbox.

Windows 8 has some better security:

That’s the main point, the following three things make the windows secure!

  • Bit Defender
  • Secure boot
  • Your own effort to get a latest antivirus software!

Of the above three things the first two are the core features of Windows 8 which provides good security as a whole. It stops any intruder from loading a third party OS. Also smart screen filter can prevent you from phishing attacks in the internet explorer which is present in windows 8. Also you can use Bitlocker to encrypt your data and keep it safe from the bad hands.

Windows 8 Offers Better Multitasking:

You can easily switch between active applications downloaded via store and the normal software by using some simple gestures with your touch screen or your mouse touch pad. If you have a greater resolution then you can clip the application to the right while using the normal computer at 1024×768 resolution. It’s good when more and more development will be done for applications in windows store. You just move your mouse to left top side and there you can see the bar with your active sessions in applications.

Windows 8 Multi tasking and switching

Overall the performance of windows 8 is much better than the windows 7 as it was noticed that windows 7 has good performance as compared to Windows Vista. The touch screen usage of windows 8 is found to be much perfect. What are you views? Share in comments 🙂