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Top Gun 3 is now in the works!

Guess who might be revving up the engines for Top Gun 3? Yep, it’s our man, Tom Cruise! The buzz is that Paramount Pictures is cooking up another dose of Maverick magic.

After over 35 years since Pete “Maverick” Mitchell first zoomed into our lives in 1986, the Top Gun squad isn’t planning on keeping us waiting this long again. Following the mega success of Top Gun: Maverick, raking in a cool $1.496 billion worldwide and snagging award nominations left and right, whispers of a trilogy are making the rounds.

So, who spilled the beans? Puck did! And get this, it’s hot on the heels of Tom Cruise shaking hands with Warner Bros. Discovery to whip up some cinematic delights. Tom’s gonna be starring in the films he whips up with them, but don’t worry; he can still play with other studios, like Paramount, where he’s currently kicking butt in Mission: Impossible 8.

This sweet deal leaves the door wide open for Top Gun 3, and rumor has it that Ehren Kruger, the brain behind Top Gun: Maverick, is already scribbling away at the screenplay.

But wait, there’s more! The gang might be getting back together, with Miles Teller and Glen Powell possibly joining Cruise for the threequel. Remember Rooster and Hangman from the second flick? Yep, those guys.

Producers Jerry Bruckheimer and David Ellison are likely strapping in for another ride, and word has it that Maverick’s director, Joe Kosinski, could be making a comeback to either direct or produce.

Back in 2022, Teller hinted at the possibility of dusting off Rooster’s wings, saying it’s all up to TC (that’s Tom Cruise’s cool nickname, by the way).

With Cruise possibly on board, Puck’s spinning the idea that Top Gun 3 might be Tom’s next gig after he wraps up Mission: Impossible 8 in May 2025.

Cruise is stoked about his deal with Warner Bros. Discovery, giving props to David Zaslav, Pam Abdy, and Mike De Luca. “I look forward to making great movies together!” he said.

Hold onto your aviator shades, though; Cruise’s jam-packed schedule means we might not be screaming into theaters for Top Gun 3 anytime soon. But hey, at least the script’s in the oven, and we’re one step closer to takeoff! 🚀