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Top 10 Online Music Streaming Services

Music is the soul of life. In today’s art loving world, a life devoid of music is unimaginable. These days the choices for accessing music whether on tablets or cellphones, the web etc. are limitless and so are the online music streaming services, which are growing at a rapid pace. The option of choosing from one of them is thus made a very complicated one.

Below we discuss some of the best online music streaming platforms that will help to uncomplicate your choice and make it easier for you to pick which online music streaming services are the best for getting installed on your devices without burning away too much money.

1) iHeartRadio

online music streaming - iheartradio

This is no1 of our best online music streaming platforms. iHeartRadio must be the only music streaming service that is offering absolutely free access to its services. Containing a catalogue of more than 18 million songs with up to 4000 artists and thousands of live radio stations, you can find this app in all major platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and also Xbox. A user can customize, personalize and search their music with the help of iHeartsRadio.

2) Grooveshark

online music streaming - grooveshark

This is no2 of our best online music streaming platforms. Grooveshark is another good music streaming service platform where you have the choose from a long list of music and possesses a straight forward search and listen format, with the ability to upload the user choice Mp3s and to keep a track of friends’ music lists, even subscribing to it. This music streaming platform is free with ads for the users; though you would have to pay a hefty amount to fully advantage from this service.

3) Google Play


online music streaming - googleplaymusic

This is no3 of our best online music streaming platforms. Google Play is also another widely known name in the music streaming industry. Google Play offers it users the access to all of its music catalogue and not just the streaming one like Spotify. Google play offers high quality music playback at 320 kbps and is compatible in all the leading platforms including iOS.

4) Deezer

online music streaming - deezerThis is no4 of our best online music streaming platforms. A much more mature and experienced music streaming service, Deezer started in 2006. The site has a vast collection of 30 million in its catalogue and is available on all popular platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows. Deezer offers unlimited music for a month before restricting access to two hours per day. Deezer has one of the largest catalogues and provides all the basic features, while you would have to do a paid upgrade to remove access restrictions and also to listen to higher quality tracks.

5) Slacker Radio

online music streaming - slackerradio

This is no5 of our best online music streaming platforms. Slacker Radio is another popular music streaming platform. It is equipped with over 13 million songs, while the catalog is offered in 128 kbps. Another interesting fact is that professional DJs create music stations here. Slacker Radio is free with ads but you can get a subscription which gives you ad free experience and on demand streaming.

6) Spotify

online music streaming - spotify

This is no6 of our best online music streaming platforms. Spotify is one of the most popular names in online music streaming industry. It has over 20 million options in its catalog. It supports all the major platforms Android, Blackberry, Windows and iOS. It streams song in high quality 320 kbps. Spotify equips its users with a variety of options like creating a playlist, individual artists to bands, you can use these features to enhance your listening experience.

7) Mixclouds

online music streaming - mixcloud

This is no7 of our best online music streaming platforms. You can utilize Mixclouds to access long length audios, music mixes, radio shows and even create favorite playlists and all this absolutely free of cost. The app is also available for free as download and comes on major platforms like iOS and android. You may not find single music or albums, but it has a large catalog of more than 3 million mixes.


online music streaming - last.fmThis is no8 of our best online music streaming platforms. Last.fm is one of the oldest free online music streaming services and thus, it has a wide catalog of artists, albums playlists and tracks. The company will keep track of everything you play and make recommendations based on it. You can access the service from the wen as well as mobile platforms like iOS, Windows, Android etc. You can either avail the basic free service or pay to get extra benefits.

9) Pandora

online music streaming - pandora

This is no9 of our best online music streaming platforms. Pandora is a great option for those people that crave free streaming of radio instead of on-demand tracks. It has a million long catalog. There are a lot of personalized radio stations and option to skip tracks as well. Providing a streaming quality of 192 kbps, this remains a great option for people who love to customize everything.

10) Xbox Music

online music streaming - xboxmusic

This is no10 of our best online music streaming platforms. Xbox music is a music and video streaming service from Microsoft and has the largest catalog with 30 million tracks. The service provides free music streaming , although with ads and has artist-based radio stations. People with Microsoft Windows device will find this device ideal for use.

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