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Tom Hanks Secretly Donates to 31 Charities Around Globe & Doesn’t Seek Attention

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Once a successful person has failed many failures in the past. An experienced person knows the sine curve of life i-e it goes up at some time and down at later. The sufferer had visited the deep parts of his personality and he is called an experienced person because he knows about his threshold. Once a person goes through any calamity then he understands the various phases of life. Hollywood actors, many of them are failures in their past life, however, at moment they are enjoying the peak of stardom. These people are able to act because they have visited their inner self. They understand the value of the hunger and emotions.

According to recent reports, Tom Hanks was found secretly giving away money to around 31 charities all around the globe. Due to the capitalist model, there are many parts of the world where people are living below the poverty line. These parts can only be made better through donation or by creating jobs. Tom Hanks has a good reputation of being the nicest guy in the Hollywood.

Tom Hanks

Reader’s Digest went a step ahead and calledd Tom Hanks “Most Trusted Person in America”, on other hand, iHeartRadio called him, “Most Likeable Man in Hollywood”

The above titles are pretty good achievements. At one moment, tabloid website, Unilad went a step ahead and decided to find the myth of nicety behind Tom Hanks. They got in contact with his co-stars and manager. It turned out that he was the nicest man in the world.

A Redditor called Jibby wrote that when he was attending a wedding, a guy in a blue suit appeared. He (the guy who appeared in the wedding) said, “Oh! is this wedding?” and later took permission to be part of the photos. It was later realized that the guy was Tom Hanks. He also began shaking hands and greeted the participants of the function. Jibby isn’t the only person to endorse Hanks as a good guy.

Not only this, Hanks also supports quite a lot of charities, namely UNICEF, American Foundation for AIDS Research, Cancer Research Institute, Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center and many more. An Art of Humanity award was given to Hanks at NewYork Public Library. According to BBC Hanks is grateful to his career for giving him a chance to help others. A Presidential Medal of Freedom was given to Hanks by the White House in the year 2016.

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