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Toll tax from New Jersey Into New York may increase once again

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The authorities of New York and New Jersey might want to increase tolls on bridges and tunnels, once again, as reported by the staff reported of The New York Times. A lot of people might feel a little down regarding this news of tax increment. In addition to this, $4 fee to airport carfares might also be added as an increment to the existing fees.

The people who already pay some good amount of tax for travelling on the bridges and tunnels in the country don’t feel happy regarding the news of the possibility of a tax increment. They already feel a little burdened about the existing tax rates. According to The New York Times, starting from next year, the commuters would need to pay an additional congestion fee in order to enter the busiest parts of Manhattan.

The congestion plan fees is one thing, there is something else which is likely to happen soon; concerned individuals plans to increment the cost of travelling into and around New York as a part of the plan by the agency that operates the main airports in the region. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is proposing an increase in tolls and fares. The agency wants to charge a fee of $4 per ride for airports trips in taxis as well as other for-hire vehicles.

According to the planned increments, the toll to travel through George Washington Bridge and Lincoln Tunnel would increase by $1 per car. Other than this increment, the fare for airport terminals linked by AirTrains would jump by more than $2 to $7.75. This increment is definitely going to effect general public and for the same reason not a lot of people are happy about this development.

Why such increments are necessary?

As everyone knows that bridges and tunnels are built for helping individuals travel in the country at ease, therefore, a maintenance of such structures is required. The cost of maintenance is covered by the tax paid by individuals. Therefore, an increase of 15 per cent over the agency’s capital of $32.2 bn would mean upgrades to the three aging airports. Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington and San Francisco airpots already charge this fee of $4 as maintenance tax from the commuters. The crumbling infrastructure of the state is needed to be rebuilt and such taxation is necessary and the future would hold truth in this news.

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