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Toddler is filmed expertly smoking cigarette apparently sitting with guardians

Written by Wamiq Ali

A video of a toddler has gone viral on the internet. It has caused a severe outrage in a lot of audiences whoever came across this specific video. The video contains a toddler who is puffing cigarette like some expert. She is sitting in a room while holding a lit cigarette in her hands. There are other people in the room who apparently seem like his guardians. The language is definitely not English which makes it hard to comprehend the video.

The young girl can be seen smoking in the video just like an adult. A lot of people might find the video quite offensive. Viewer discretion is advised before hitting the play button. The tot in the video appears to be 2 years old. She can be seen constantly dragging on a cigarette. Later, she then expertly taps the cigarette on the ashtray. The moves of the tot are perfect.

The girl can be seen sitting on the lap of an adult man. It looks like the man is also smoking and the girl is now used to perform adult acts like smoking etc. The child is even not coughing while smoking which hints that she’s trained in this activity. It appears that it is not her first time when she has tried to smoke cigarettes.

The video appears to be from Vladikavkaz in south-west Russia. The adults in the video can be heard laughing and making jokes about the kid. A man also asks from the kid about some people they both know to which she replies, “Some of them are good while the rest are f*****s.

In the end the adult asks the toddler to put out the cigarette. The clip has caused a lot of stir in the Russian society. The incident has been reported to the police and they are currently investigating the video. The police wants to identify the family featured in the video.

The parents could be even deprived of their parental rights if identified and if it is proven that they neglected their child – reported Russian Media

Warning, don’t watch the video ahead if you don’t feel like watching a kid smoking.

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