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Toddler, 3, was so traumatised after repeated molestations she barricaded her door with TOYS

Written by Logical Men

Just when you feel that the world is free of the molesters and perpetrators there comes a news which makes all the claims false. This news is one of those, a Liverpool toddler faced the worst of nightmares in the real life. She was attacked by a monstrous paedophile who left her so traumatised that she had to barricade her door of bedroom using toys.

Anthony Morgan had victimized a girl due to which he was jailed for 16 years in March 2017. The drug addict was handed an extended four years on the license for the sickening ‘campaign of rape.’ However, the 42yo dude was dragged back to the court after another complaint was filed against him. Morgan, claimed of molesting a girl 8 times when she was only 3 years old, according to this new complaint.

Due to which, the judge Andrew Menary jailed him for 18 and half years while extending six years on license. The Robert Jones prosecuting the new case told the court, “It’s quite apparent the little girl was behaving in a way that was entirely indicative of long-standing abuse.

“It manifested itself in other ways – she would try and barricade her bedroom door with toys. She became very upset on a number of occasions.

He further said the victim later spoke to the authorities when she realised that things weren’t right inside her head. She was extremely upset with what had happened to her in the past. She became frightened of the people touching her. The victim could recall vomiting after those attacks conducted by Morgan. She told the authorities that she never knew what was going on with her and body.

Prosecutor said: “He said he felt bad about what he was doing but was unable to explain why he persisted in the abuse. He blamed his urges.”

“He accepted he had caused the most grievous and psychological damage to her and said he regretted it now.

The abuser used to offer the kid with ice cream in exchange for other activities. However, later she confided in an adult and revealed all the sufferings. The girl told the court that she would never be able to have a family as the fear is persistent in some deep corner of her mind.

Alas! We feel so bad reporting this incident, and we fail to understand what made Morgan such an animal at first? Is it our mistake for producing such monsters? Have we failed as a human after focusing more and more on economics aspects of life but ignoring the humane ones? Please, answer!

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