Tips to create an excellent portfolio

Portfolio is one of the key factors which helps you in getting a particular job. Your skills may be pretty much convincing but if you don’t have the power to express them in an interesting manner, then your chances are very slim. Portfolio is your first impression to the person who is going to call you for the interview. Hence, your portfolio must be excellent so that it could speak for yourself and earn you a decent place.

Creating an excellent portfolio is an art which can be mastered through struggle. Here are some tips which can be applied to create an excellent portfolio.

1: Select only your strongest pieces.

It is not necessary that you should mention each and every aspect of your skills. If you are applying for a job of engineer and you do have a skill of proofreading which doesn’t have any additional impact on making your resume strong. So it is not wise to mention each and every aspect of your skill set in your portfolio.

2: Showcase your most unique and creative work

If you are applying for a job try to express and show your most unique work which you have done so far. It will help you to stand out of the crowd which will increase your chances of selection manifold. Try to tell them about those skill which other don’t possess.

3: keep it short and meaningful:

It is not necessary that you should mention each and every thing about your skill you have done so for. If the number of projects in your portfolio crosses a certain limit then it will become boring and the person who is going to shortlist you on the bases of that portfolio will not be much interested in hiring you. But if you keep your projects within a certain limit, it’ll be very effective and will make an excellent portfolio.

4: Never mention older projects:

As the technology is growing stronger day by day so you need to keep yourself updated about the advancement in your concerned industry and field. Try to keep yourself updated and do try to update your portfolio regularly after certain interval. Don’t mention such thing which is older than three to four years because in that time span technology grows older and those things which were new few year back become obsolete. So an excellent portfolio doesn’t any outdated information or projects.

5:Know the purpose of each project in your portfolio.

Everything every project that you mention in your portfolio must have some purpose and there must be some reason for doing that project. If you are trying to make an excellent portfolio that is going to get you a decent job than you should always mention the reason and purposes of the projects which you have done so far. It’ll help the person who is hiring you to know about your interest and capabilities.

6:Who did what?

In any portfolio there are always some projects which have been done by the group of people. So in that case never try to take the credit of the work which you haven’t done. Always be crystal clear about the participation and work division of the work in that group. Because it may be the case that certain person is going to ask you question about the project and if you have pretended about the group project that most of the work is done by you and in response to that question you don’t have a satisfactory answer than this is going to create a really bad impression.

7: It’s your story:

Some people says that your portfolio is your selling story. This is true but along with that your portfolio is the thing which is describing you. If you think of your portfolio as a selling tool for yours set of skills, you tend to just focus on execution skills or how many different types of software you can use. Other than that your portfolio may be an engaging story which will explain you passion and skill via using your projects. It should show, through your projects, where you are in design, your passions, your goals, and your strengths. A good way to start your portfolio story is to have a 2-sentence summary about who and what you are all about.