Tiny Pup can’t stop smiling after it was rescued from being all alone in traffic

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Animals are quite cute and anyone with a heart would admit to this fact. Therefore, most people with a heart keep animals as pets and they try to fulfil their every need. Animals are mostly not able to tell their needs in the form of clear words and therefore humans have to often interpret their needs. Dogs are most popular as pets and they can feel different sorts of emotions while they are at animal shelter. This little pup felt quite safe when he was taken to an animal shelter. It was overwhelmed on being rescued because the pup was not expecting any good thing to happen that day.

The pup was found running through the traffic all alone. It was found to be 7 weeks old and ultimately after it suffered much of homelessness, one animal care in Texas, Beaumont Animal Care, rescued the little pup. When the rescuers found this pup their understood that it was all nervous and frail. However, when the little pup reached the shelter it just stunned everyone. Look at this video which shows how happy the little dog became when it was taken to the shelter.

Baron, the guy at shelter was interviewed by Dodo, he said that as soon as he began to talk to the pup, it became happy. The baby talk kind of voice made it quite happy. Barron said that initially the pup started to move its tail but moments later it started to smile. So, Barron at once decided to pull out his phone in order to record its smile. It was obvious that Layla the pup knew that it was in some good hands. Therefore, it smiled and the video became viral on the internet. Above all a local family later came and adopted Layla. They knew that this cute pup was a perfect addition to their family. It’s well said that all is well which ends well.

The family which adopted the pet. Layla seems to be quite happy for what it has obtained.

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