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Tiny bodies of slain Rohingya children wash up on Bangladesh shores, is humanity dead?

Written by Wamiq Ali

Tiny bodies of Rohingya children are washing up on the shores of Bangladesh. These bodies are believed to be of Muslim children escaping the atrocities of Myanmar. The whole world seems to be quite at the genocide in Myanmar.

An unverified footage has been released on the internet showing the people surrounding the shallows of River Naf. The River Naf separates Bangladesh from Myanmar, Burma. Millions of Rohingya people are trying to escape, Myanmar (Burma) to the Bangladesh. In the video, a boy can be seen picking up bodies of the dead children from the water to the sand. These children were shot by the police reported by ABC and internationally there is a commitment that Burmese want to end the Rohingya Muslim Clan. Around 300k Rohingya Muslims have already fled to Bangladesh since August.

A woman in the video is also seen holding a young boy and it’s not clear if the boy is alive or dead. The video is shocking and shows the dark side of the Myanmar’s Government. The international laws don’t allow this genocide. Myanmar has refused to acknowledge the Rohingya Muslim population. They are not recognised as a minority.

A family is shown in the video who made it to the Bangladesh but in try their children got shot by the Police. It’s reported that there are around 30,000 people trapped in the hills far from Bangladesh in Myanmar. These people want to escape the oppression. There is no food available to these people and they can’t cross the border because of Burmese police.

There are several satellites images revolving around the internet which show villages being burned down in Myanmar constituting the Rohingya population.

We’re seeing villages being burned to the ground on a scale that hasn’t been seen before, as reported by Lateline through a freelance journalist

Warning, following video, contains graphic, viewer discretion is advised.

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