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This underwater restaurant in Norway has been completed and its experience is out-of-the-world

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People often like to have new experiences in their life and in this bid their first notion is to travel around the world. They prefer to watch those places which they have not experienced in their life time. This particular fact is often used by certain countries and they attempt to promote tourism in order to earn some foreign exchange. Therefore, this urge of humans to have newer experiences and the earning potential of countries work in tandem with each other. Recently, Norway has made an under the water hotel which happens to be placed in the sea. This has been made by keeping in view the urges of the revellers who prefer to have some new experience in their life.

Under the water hotel with seating capacity of 100 guests witnesses its completion

This Snøhetta-designed dining experience just rolled out for the general public a couple of days back. The people have already started to add this hotel into their destination list of Norway. A lot of new comers are excited about this under the water hotel.

The hotel has been built using a concrete structure. It’s half sunken into the sea and the building is around 111-foot long. This structure has been built to fully integrate with the marine environment of the surrounding. The roughness of the concrete shell would welcome the marine life to inhabit the structure.

Under is a natural progression of our experimentation with boundaries, As a new landmark for Southern Norway, Under proposes unexpected combinations of pronouns and prepositions, and challenges what determines a person’s physical placement in their environment. (said the Founder and Architect of Snøhetta)

The experience is simply amazing, it feels like the person sitting in this restaurant is having a dinner inside the sea closer to the bottom. The moving marine life watchable from the windows makes this experience totally out-of-the-world.

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