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This U.S. Air Force grave error allowed Texas gunman to massacre parishioners & buy weapons

Written by Wamiq Ali

Sometimes a small error can cost a lot of lives and this particular incident of a Texas Gunman shooting parishioners in the church is a demonstration of the same fact. A fault on the side of U.S Air Force made this Gunman buy weapons. If the error hadn’t happened then he wouldn’t have any guns. A day after the Gunman attacked the church the US Air Force admitted on Monday that they failed to enter the man’s details in the database. The US Air Force was maintaining a database of domestic violence court-martial convicts. The man name was already on the list but the database was not updated in time. Since the man had committed domestic violence but he had no record in the federal database which allowed him to buy weapons.

Devin P. Kelley was charged with domestic assault on his wife and toddler stepson as he had cracked open his child Skull. If the details would have been available online then the church violence could have been stopped.

The Air Force has launched a review of how the service handled the criminal records of former Airman Devin P. Kelley following his 2012 domestic violence conviction,” – said an air force spokesperson.

The Air Force is taking the matter seriously and they are searching at the moment that if any other details have been improperly left unreported. The details of the killings have also emerged online after the investigators found that Mr Kelley was driven by anger towards his wife’s family. His court-martial details show that his previous life wife was also a victim of domestic violence. The mother of the current wife of Mr Kelley was a member of first Baptist Church which aroused him to target the church.

This was not racially motivated. It wasn’t over religious beliefs. It was a domestic situation going on, The suspect’s mother-in-law attended this church,” – said a spokesman for the Texas Department of safety.

Investigators sweeping the area in front of the church, source: nytimes

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