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This study wants to promote “3-DAY WEEKEND” in Work Culture for employees

Written by Wamiq Ali

A new study published by the Oxford University is in favour of a 3-day weekend. This study concluded the effect of giving 3 days off weekend to the employees of any workplace. The researchers were curious to find out the effects of fewer working days. They wanted to estimate its effect on the productivity of the workers.

A new Oxford study focused on the productivity of the employees found that reduced working days using a 3-day off weekend promoted good will and increased output. The employees became more productive. They were happier than ever.

It’s a common experience of every office going individual, feeling a little off on Mondays. The idea of a 5 day working week actually becomes a little worrying thought on the first day of the work after a weekend. According to a study carried out by Said Business School at the University of Oxford revealed that a four day working week proved to be a good idea for greater employee happiness and productivity.

Increased numbers of call to the customers were observed during the study. It was also noted that customers felt more satisfied as the workers conducting calls were more invigorated with the idea of reduced working days.

“I would argue the four day working week is spot on in terms of finding or striking that right balance between improving the work-life balance and unlocking the happiness potential from that in terms of productivity gains,” said De Neve in an interview to The Telegraph. A similar trial was conducted in New Zealand. This practice of reduced working days in a weekend was carried out for eight weeks. The company from New Zealand found between March and April this year that teamwork and engagements were enhanced.

De Neve termed it as a neurobiological effect of having a shorter working week. It can be related to this simple thing, “When someone feels more pro-active and positive about his life and job then productivity increase. This effect is observable in general life.

What do you think? Are you in favour of this shortened working week? If yes, do share it with your employer.

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